Lucas Till is Super Excited to See James Cameron's 'Avatar'

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Lucas Till could not be more excited to see James Cameron's new film, Avatar, which opens in theaters today. The movie follows an ex-marine, who travels to the planet of Pandora, where he finds himself caught between his fellow humans and the planet's indigenous Na'vi race.

It sounds confusing, but Lucas has the perfect explanation of Avatar's plot. "Let me lay it down for you," he tells JSYK. "It's more like Pocahontas, okay? John Smith goes in to deal with the native problem, ends up falling for the native and helping the natives out. There you go. It's a classic story. It just happens to be James Cameron's brilliant sci-fi twist on it all."

The 19-year-old kind of has the inside scoop since he just finished filming Battle: Los Angeles (due out in 2011) with Avatar's Michelle Rodriguez. However, he still doesn't know why the Na'vi race is blue.

"You know, I don't understand that...but I also don't really care because I just shot this movie, Battle L.A., with Michelle Rodriguez in it and she told me all about the stuff that James did with the movie and he's a genius. Enough said. I don't know, I'm biased because I think James Cameron is the best in...ever."
Lucas says he'd "definitely" like to work with the heralded director one day. Until then, he's just psyched to see his new film. Watch a clip from the movie below and check out the trailer for it here. Avatar opens in theaters nationwide today.



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