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Lucas Till's new movie, Battle: Los Angeles just finished filming, and won't be out until 2011 -- there isn't even a trailer for it yet! However, in our recent interview with the 19-year-old actor, JSYK got the inside scoop about Lucas' role as Corporal Scott Grayson and what fans can expect from the action-packed film. He even sent us this photo of him from the set!

"I'm Corporal Grayson, a Marine who has to defend the world -- or defend Los Angeles more specifically -- from the invasion of we-don't-know-what," Lucas says.

Actually, we kind of know what. The sci-fi flick follows a platoon of Marines as they defend themselves against an alien invasion in L.A. Of course, with Marines, aliens and the word "battle" in the title, there will be no lack of special effects in the film.

"I can say that I surf for a little bit in the movie before the action starts really picking up, but once the action does start picking up, that's it -- pure action for the rest of the movie," Lucas confirms.
As for whether the teen star believes in space invaders, Lucas has yet to be convinced that they exist. "I think it's fun to scare myself into it," he says. "Just like it's fun to go ghost hunting, but I don't believe in ghosts either. I just want an experience to happen and nothing ever happens. I've never had a first-hand account with aliens, so no, I don't believe in them."

Read more from our interview with Lucas, and find out what his Battle: Los Angeles co-star Michelle Rodriguez told him about working on Avatar here. Battle: Los Angeles is slated to hit theaters on February 18, 2011.


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