Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum On Love and Heartbreak

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Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum are gearing up for the release of their epic romance film Dear John, and we got to talk to the two stars all about it!

The movie follows a Savannah and John, who fall in love while John is on leave from the Army and Savannah is on break from school. One of the unforgettable scenes is the heart-melting kiss in the rain we've seen in the latest movie clip. So naturally, we wanted to know if Channing had any real-life experiences like the one in the movie.

"I'm from Florida, and it rains pretty much all the time, so yes, I did for sure," he tells JSYK. "Everyday after school, [at] 2:30, 3 o'clock, it's raining, so absolutely."

As for Amanda's past, she reveals that she had a high school love that has stuck with her for years. "It was with a boy who I was obsessed with, in a way, because I thought he was a cross between Leo Dicaprio and Justin Timberlake, in my eyes, when I was 14," she explains. "He was a senior and I was a freshman and he wanted to date me. He was a friend of my sister and he found some weird sophistication that he thought I had that my friends didn't. So we dated and I totally couldn't deal with the fact that he liked me so much, so I dumped him like three months later."
But there was more behind the break up. "It was very strange because we'd go out to movies and we'd hang out, but I didn't feel like I deserved to be loved the way he loved me," she continues. "It was just teenage insecurity and I lost a good one because he's a great guy still and I thought he was just so sweet on taking the chance with somebody younger."

A major part of the film is told through the love letters between the couple, something that Amanda knows all about. "I got a love letter that's, like, something I still keep really near and dear," she says. "It was the most romantic thing anyone's ever written to me. It's from an old boyfriend and I still read it; and I feel like a princess when I read it because someone went through all the effort to write it. It's amazing."

As for Channing, he's never received a "Dear John" letter (it's a letter someone writes to break up with another), but he has been dumped in some not-so-cool ways. "I've been broken up with after I got off the bus stop at school," he says. "I think a girl stuck her head out the window and just broke up with me. But I've never gotten a letter, though."

Get more inside info from Amanda and Channing in their exclusive Unscripted interview, only on Moviefone. Also find out if they answered one of your questions! Dear John opens in theaters on February 5.



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