Amanda Seyfried's Puppy is the 'Love of Her Life'

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While Amanda Seyfried's great love in Dear John is played by Channing Tatum, the 24-year-old's heart actually belongs to her puppy in real life.

"I'm a new mom to a little Aussie Shepherd named Finn," she says in her exclusive interview with Unscripted. "He's a little guy with a big heart...he's the love of my life."

Well, Finn won't be little for very long -- Amanda says he'll grow up to be a 50-pound dog! Miley Cyrus' new German Shepherd, Mate, will also be a big guy when he's an adult, which makes us wonder: are purse-sized dogs in or out?

We're used to seeing portable pups with their celeb masters, but with stars like Amanda and Miley choosing large breeds, we smell a new trend sparking.

Check out more photos of Amanda and Finn below and watch the interview here.

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