Amanda Seyfried Thinks 'Dear John' is Too Sad

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Spoiler alert! We don't want to give away the ending of Dear John, but Amanda Seyfried kind of does in our recent interview with the 24-year-old star.

"I'd make it happier," she says about changing the end of the movie. "I was so depressed after I saw the first cut of that film."

Uh oh! Well, we knew that the Nicholas Sparks adaptation would be a tear-jerker, so an emotional ending is a given. But is it too sad?

As for the the roles of Savannah and John, it's no wonder why Amanda and co-star Channing Tatum were cast. The two actors have had plenty of experience with romance films in their careers, but ideally, they'd both like to flip the switch and change things up a little.

"I kind of want to play a villain," Channing admits. "I haven't played a villain yet and I want to go down that dark road and see what happens."

Amanda feels the same way. "[I'd like to play] somebody who is the antagonist role," she shares. "You've got to really want the audience to hate you, and also...period movies. I would love to do something that's set in a time that I just don't understand. That would be really amazing."

We'll have to wait to see if Amanda and Channing get to play bad guys in the future, but we can totally find out how much of a hear-breaker their latest movie is today. Dear John is now playing nationwide.


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