Why Diji-Touch's iPhone-Inspired Vending Machines Rule

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With inventions like the iPad and 3D TV, we're quickly moving into a completely digitized world. The next thing to get a technological makeover? Vending machines.

Buh-bye old school clunkers -- the new Diji-Touch vending machine has a touch screen modeled after the iPhone, which allows customers to experience the vending machine on a whole new level.

The machines will begin rolling out this year, and beyond getting a tasty treat, you'll be able to find out nutritional values of the items and even play games to win prizes or additional snacks. Bonus!

The days of punching in letters and numbers to watch your chips fall out of a spiral holder are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Our cell phones, computers, TV, and movies are all getting revolutionized, so it makes sense to enhance our snacking experience. And, when the vending industry pulls in $30 billion a year, it's no wonder why they want to keep their customers coming back.


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