Cassie Scerbo Talks About Working With Her Boyfriend

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Real-life couple Cassie Scerbo and Cody Longo do NOT play boyfriend/girlfriend on Make It Or Break It. Far from it. So far this season, Cody's character has kissed Payson (Ayla Kell) and even flirted with Kaylie (Josie Loren).

We talked to Cassie last month and asked her character, Lauren Tanner, would get a love interest anytime soon.

"Lauren's prince charming is Carter," she says, talking about Zach Abel's character on the show. "If anyone out there knows that amazing feeling of having your first crush and being so in love with a boy, that's Lauren with Carter."

"In real life, Nicky Russo, who is Cody Longo, is my real boyfriend," she continues. "That's my real love interest, that's Cassie Scerbo's love interest. But Lauren's love interest is definitely Carter."

So what's it like when Ayla or Kayle shoot a romantic scene with her boyfriend? "We totally laugh about it," she says. "We all know each others' boyfriends and girlfriends -- we all hang out with each other on the weekend. You would think it would be so hard to deal with, but the girls and I are so close, we honestly just laugh about it."

Keep reading for Cassie's favorite Valentine's Day memory with Cody. And check out new photos from tonight's new episode below. Looks like Payson is going to undergo that risky back surgery after all (or maybe it's just a scan...or worse, a dream sequence).


Cassie told us about the first Valentine's Day she spent with Cody:

"He's going to probably get mad at me because guys don't want their girls to tell these types of stories, but it's the cutest thing ever so I have to," she says. "He took me to this really amazing restaurant out on the ocean. Afterwards, he told me to close my eyes and he started driving and parked on this road by all these beautiful houses in Malibu. He said, 'Hold on one second, I'll be right back. Put on these.' He brought me his big sweatshirt and pair of sweat pants and I put them on and I'm like, 'Why am I putting on on his sweatshirt and sweat pants. What are we doing right now?' He came back and got me and we started walking -- he had me keep my eyes shut. All of a sudden, I feel myself walk into the sand. It was at night and all the stars were out and it was a private beach. He told me to look down and there was this giant heart made of candles.",feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=834572&pid=834571&uts=1266276610

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