Chelsea Staub's Scenic Valentine's Day Roadtrip

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We know one person who had an amazing Valentine's Day: Chelsea Staub. She spent the day driving down the California coast, including a stop in Solvang, CA.

Then last night, she tweeted, "24 hours dedicated to telling people you love them. This is my favorite day. Enjoy! I adore you all. Infinite x's and o's."

Chelsea wasn't alone on the road, she had her boyfriend, Jakob Johnson from the band The Record Life there to keep her company. "We actually grew up in the same town and now we're finding our way through the 'big city' together," she told recently. "He's an awesome guy."

Sounds like yesterday's trip could knock her favorite Valentine's memory from its top spot. "It was when I was in eighth grade, right about the time Valentines Day became a reallly big deal in school [with secret roses] and kids were like, stressed out the whole week before," she told us. "My quote/unquote boyfriend -- we were like 13, so it wasn't super serious -- he was an awesome guy his name is Cody. And I was like, 'I know Cody will think of something cool and I don't have to worry.'

But when Chelsea arrived at school, Cody pretended he forgot it was Valentine's Day.

"It wasn't a big deal, but I was a little bummed," she told us. "And then in my 7th period English class, he had the class he was in all come in with a rose and every single person from his class laid a single rose on my desk and cody was the last to come in the door and it was like the most romantic thing every and I'll never forget it."

How was your Valentine's Day? Share your stories in the comments section!


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