Cory Monteith Tweets About Mysterious 'Glee' Prop

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Cory Monteith has Gleeks all over scratching their heads. The Glee star recently tweeted a photo of a prop from the set with the cryptic message: "It's amazing what banks will just hand out over the counter these days! Probably something to do with the recession."

We're supposed to believe that Cory got this credit card using his character Finn Hudson's name, but we're not buying it. First, the card is backed by VISTA, not VISA. That's our biggest clue.

Second, the closest company we could find that resembled "Porter Credit Union" is Porter Federal Credit Union in Denver, Colorado, but they don't even issue credit cards, so we're pretty sure this is a fake. It's probably a prop from the 'Glee' set.

But that still makes us wonder what Finn is doing with a credit card. It's possible that Finn is old enough to have his own CC -- you have to be 18 years old, and he is a high school senior after all -- but why would he need one? Could this be part of a new plotline? Maybe Finn maxes out his credit to help New Directions or someone in the show choir. Hopefully we won't have to wait long once new episodes start on April 13.

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