Mathias Anderle Talks 'School Gyrls' and Justin Bieber

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You may not know Mathias Anderle now, but you'll definitely be Googling him after the his new movie School Gyrls premieres on Nickelodeon on Sunday, February 21. In the made-for-TV musical comedy, the 16-year-old Seattle native gets to show off his acting and singer-songwriter skills as Colin, the school jock who is more than what he seems.

"Colin is the jock quarterback in the school," Mathias tells JSYK. "He's supposed to be the stereotypical jerk, but he ends up to be a really nice guy."

One of the goals writer and director Nick Cannon had for the film was to cast actors who could essentially play themselves in the film. Like Colin, Mathias was friends with everyone in his school, not just the popular kids.

"I always kind of skipped around; I never sat at the same lunch table at school," he says. "When people look at me they might think, 'Oh this kid's not going to be nice,' but I try to make friends with everybody because there's a lot of cool people you wouldn't necessarily get to know if you stayed in one group."

Mathias also got to work with Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber, who plays himself in the movie. What was that like? Just as awesome as you'd imagine.

"It was really cool to work with Justin," Mathias says. "We all went bowling a few times after [shooting]. What you see on TV and in all the YouTube videos is really what you get in real life. He's a really nice guy. You can tell that what he's got comes from his hard work ethic."

Mathias is also working on his own music career. The avid soccer player and surfer recently moved to L.A. and is recording his debut album, the follow-up to his recently released single, 'Shine On.' His full album will incorporate all of his influences such as Justin Timberlake, Jason Mraz and Jesse McCartney. As for a collaboration with Justin Bieber, that could be a possibility for the future.

"I hope we will and I've definitely talked to him [about it] a few times," Mathias reveals. "On set we got to play guitar in between takes and kind of exchange songs a little bit."

Sounds like a match made in heaven. Flip through more behind-the-scenes photos of Mathias and Justin from the School Gyrls set, and catch the hour-long movie this Sunday, February 21 at 7 p.m. on Nickelodeon.


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