John Mayer Invites 11-Year-Old Guitar Player to Rock Out on Stage

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On Sunday, John Mayer made an 11-year-old's dream come true when he invited Austin Christy from Vineland, NJ on stage to play guitar with him at his Philadelphia concert.

The sixth-grader attended the show at the Wachovia Center with his family, holding up a sign that said: "Can I play 'Belief' with you?"

The Grammy-winning musician noticed Austin in a crowd of roughly 25,000 people and brought him on stage to play lead guitar on the song from his 2006 album 'Continuum'. "This is Austin," John said. "We just met."

"I was really excited. I was thinking that it wasn't real," Austin, who has been playing guitar for two years, told the Courier-Post.

"I said I was a big fan, and he said back to me he could tell," he added. "I thought it was pretty cool because a lot of other artists wanted to play with him and he picked an 11-year-old out of a lot better artists."
At the end of 'Belief,' John said to Austin, "That's your guitar," motioning to the red Squier guitar the 11-year-old used during the concert. John later autographed the instrument with: "To Austin, You rock. Keep playing. See you at your show." How amazing is that?


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