TextPlus iPhone App Lets You Text Friends Without A Phone

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Texting without a phone? Yup. The TextPlus app for the iPod touch lets you send free and unlimited text messages to your friends using a Wi-Fi connection.

The TextPlus app is free to download and free to use for the iPod touch. The best part is that these messages can be sent to any cell phone. Your friends do not need to have this app on their cell phone in order for them to receive your messages. They will appear as a regular text message. However, if you are sending them to another iPod touch, then that person will need the TextPlus app installed on their device.

The only problem with sending messages to someone without the app is that your friend will see an incoming message with a strange phone number and your name attached to it.

If you are using some other app on your iPod touch or iPhone, that app will pause and TextPlus will notify you that you have received a message. You can choose to resume the app you were using or respond to your message.
Any cell phone that can receive or send text messages can link to your TextPlus number, so your friends can get ahold of you and you can also send messages to multiple friends at once. Every person in the group receives every message that is sent in the conversation. The replies are all grouped together using cartoon balloons like in instant messengers. If you are using the TextPlus app on an iPhone or Android cell phone, then these messages will not be grouped with your regular text messages.

On a scale of 1 to 5, the Textplus App is definitely a 5 for "awesome." The key word is "free." It is a free application that allows you to send as many text messages as you want and you don't even get charged for it.

1 = Bad
2 = Ho Hum
3 = Just Okay
4 = Pretty Good
5 = Awesome


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