Decode The Hidden Meaning Behind The 'Twilight' Cover

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You've seen the cover of Twilight countless times, but did you ever stop to wonder, "What's the message behind holding an apple" and "Whose hands are those anyway?"

Kimbra Hickey has the answers. What makes her such an expert? She's the hand model behind that infamous pose.

"I think that because the story is being told from Bella's perspective they should be her hands. So I think they are Bella's hands and Edward is the "forbidden fruit," Kimbra tells The Twilight Lexicon.

Kinda an awesome job, no? Kimbra says that when she went in for the audition, "[The photographer] had a look at my portfolio, which is filled with pics of hands and feet. He then put me in front of the camera and snapped a few shots of my palms and also the back of my hands. When I was chosen for the job, they asked if I'd be okay with trimming my nails short. I was told the story was a vampire teenage romance so my hands had to look young...He wanted my hands to look soft, sweet, and death-like all at the same time!"
Kimbra also explains why her arms are folded in that precise position. "It was also very important that the inner part of my arms formed a perfect V, for vampire, of course."



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