Paul Wesley "Adores" Nina Dobrev...A Hushed Crush?


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Obvi, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley,and Ian Somerhalder are besties off-screen, but could there be something more than friendship brewing between Paul and Nina? He seems to have a lot of sweet things to say about her character and the real-life Nina.

When asked by E! if Elena belongs with Stefan on Vampire Diaries, Paul's quick to reply, "Oh, of course! It's not even a remote option to think otherwise. I think there's no other place for her." He then confesses that he "adores Nina." Okay, okay he says he feels the same way about Ian, but still, what co-stars are this close?

Nina wants to keep by Paul's side, too. She says, "It makes more sense for Elena to be with Stefan because he's not a killer and he's not evil and they complement each other. And Damon is just so all over the place -- you never know what he's going to do at any given time."

The show's executive producer is hoping to bring Joshua Jackson from Dawson's Creek onboard. If Damon isn't a threat for Elena and Stefan, maybe this new character will be.

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