Can Sony's Move Controller Compete With Nintendo's Wii?

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Last week at the Game Developers Conference, Sony unveiled their new PlayStation Move controller, which is complete with a motion sensor that detects player movements much like the Nintendo Wii.

The wireless Move controller is a black with a lighted ball on top and looks very similar to a Wii controller -- it even has a wristband. The starter kit comes with a Move, a video game and a PlayStation Eye camera, which helps the system recognize player movements. It is priced under $100 and will be available this fall.

According to USA Today, Sony's Peter Dille calls the Move "revolutionary and a step ahead of anything in the marketplace. We'd like to think this is the next generation of motion gaming," he said. But how different is it from the Wii?
We haven't tested out the Move, but judging by Sony's promotional video, we imagine that it will be a similar experience to that of Nintendo's console. The only difference will be the game selection. Games on the Wii tend to be fun and entertaining, but they're not as intense as PlayStation and Xbox titles. Given the potential for more role playing and action games, the Move definitely has a chance of coming out on top.

But Sony has some stiff competition from Project Natal, Microsoft's controller-free gaming system. Project Natal is scheduled to be released this holiday season, and it could blow the Move (and the Wii) out of the water before it even has a chance to swim.



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