Illinois Teen Gets Carpal Tunnel From Texting

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Annie Levitz, like thousands of other teens, is obsessed with her cell phone.

But this high school junior took texting to the extreme and sent about 100 or more text messages a day, adding up to almost 4,000 texts in a single month.

All that fast finger talking resulted in Annie being diagnosed with carpal tunnel, which is "a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to numbness and muscle weakness in the hand."

"I started losing feeling in my hands and they'd go numb," Annie says. "I'd go to pick up dishes and things and they'd just fall out of my hands." Only three percent of adults have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel, so it's extremely rare for a teenager to have it. Annie's pain is so intense that wearing arm braces isn't enough and she'll need surgery to correct the problem.

Despite the medical complications caused by texting, Annie's still sending about 2,000 messages a month. "I know, it's not good enough but I'm trying," she says.


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