Diane Birch Turns Heads With New 'Valentino' Video

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After wrapping up her tour with Nick Jonas and the Administration, Diane Birch has released her ground-breaking new video for her new single 'Valentino.' What's it like? In a word, amazing.

Just like OK Go's new video, Diane has wowed us with her super cool concept. The singer-songwriter is shown raising a screen in front of a couch. As the song plays, Diane dances behind the screen, but the viewer can still see what's happening.

The screen acts almost as a window into another scene where Diane changes clothes and uses different props, but Diane is still right there, strutting back and forth behind the screen.

The video was filmed in one take, but it took 62 times before the director, Dennis Liu, got the one he wanted. "We were on this quest that it had to be done in one take," she tells the Wall Street Journal. "It's easy to cut and edit but it's not easy to hit your marks. That's the beauty of one take."
Diane explains that the single is about her childhood imaginary friend, who she used to play dress-up with. The video was inspired by those memories as well. "I think there's a million ways to tape this video, and I like things that are a little bit wacky," she says. Watch all the magic of the 'Valentino' video below. Diane's album, 'Bible Belt,' is available in stores and on iTunes now.



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