Health Care Passed, But What Is It?

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The buzz on TV and Twitter and Facebook and everywhere over the past couple week has been about President Obama and healthcare reform. Not sure what's going on? Don't fear because we're here to break it down.

The term 'health care reform' refers to improving the insurance system in America that helps U.S. citizens pay for visits to the doctor and other medical expenses. Having a health insurance plan means that when you get sick, you only have to pay a portion of what it costs for you to get better and your insurance picks up the rest. Getting a plan is expensive and not everyone is eligible to get it through their job so many go without insurance - meaning many sick people don't get treated for their illnesses.

With the new bill, everyone will be required to have health insurance before 2014 or they'll be fined (one of the more controversial parts of the plan). Kids will be able to use their parent's health insurance until they're 26 years old and insurance companies are also no longer able to deny coverage to people who are already sick.
"Pre-existing conditions will no longer disqualify children from receiving health insurance coverage," the President said at a speech at George Mason University in Virginia on March 19.

Additionally, the bill promises to get tough on insurance companies who raise rates for people who get sick because they know they'll require additional medical services.

The bill sounds like a good solution to a huge problem in America, but instead it has sparked a major debate over whether the government should be allowed to make health insurance mandatory for Americans in the first place. There are also big concerns over how much the bill will cost U.S. citizens in taxes and if insurance companies will really cooperate with the new regulations the bill introduces.

Fans of the bill like that everyone will be able to get health insurance regardless of their budget. There's also the idea that the new bill will help America go green because it will cut down on duplicate paper work and President Obama has said the law will actually lower America's debt by $1 trillion dollars over the next 20 years.

For a further breakdown, check out the 11 Health Care Reform Facts.%Poll-43676%


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