Fifteen-Year-Old Parker Liautaud Spends Break Skiing To North Pole

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Parker Liautaud
didn't plan your typical Spring Break trip. The 15-year-old is currently facing frigid temperatures on a mission to reach the North Pole.

"Temp -34, Windchill -42," he tweets. "We did about 11 Nm today, it was a really good day. We have about 35 Nm left, and about 5 before we're half way."

On Parker's Facebook page, it explains that he's "one of the youngest people to ski the Last Degree of the North Pole. Through this expedition, he hopes to inspire and inform his peers on urgent environmental issues and what we all can do today to solve them."
A Google Earth app on his Facebook page even allows you to track Parker's progress and take a guess at what day and time he'll reach the North Pole.

Did you know that the North Pole is actually warmer than the South Pole? Scientists fear that with our changing environment, the ice is becoming so thin that it could melt away during summer months.%Poll-43945%


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