Are Malia and Sasha Obama Old Enough to Become Gleeks?

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Whether or not the First Family are Gleekaholics remains a national mystery.

"[President Obama] was saying that he wouldn't let either one of the kids or both of the kids watch [Glee] yet because they were a little too young," dishes the show's executive producer Brad Falchuk.

But another producer on the show, Ian Brennan, begs to differ. "I think Sasha, the younger [daughter] does watch it. I think Malia, the older daughter, hasn't," he says...but then confuses himself a bit. "I don't know who's watching it. I would encourage all four of them to."

Brad then chimes in, "I would encourage them to get Congress to mandate it into some kind of law that everybody in the country had to watch it."
Not everyone shares this sentiment. The Parents Television Council recently lashed out at an L.A. Times article that called Glee family-friendly. They consider the episodes to be filled with sexual themes that involve minors, recreational drug use, and teens with poor morals.

TV Guide Magazine's Executive Editor-in-Chief Craig Tomashoff disagrees stating, "Glee, to me, completely fits into the category [of family-friendly television]. It is about teens and the things they go through."

Where do you fall on this debate?



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