Do You Live in One of the Ten Best States For Teen Drivers?

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Did you know that drivers ages 15-20 are most at risk for getting into accidents? In fact, this age group accounts for 14 percent of all car accidents in America. That's a crazy statistic, but certain states are making a change, and to help raise awareness about teen driver safety, U.S. News and World Report released its first ranking of the Best States for Teen Drivers.

The list was formulated by analyzing state driving laws and road conditions to determine how much states are doing to make their roads safer. U.S. News and World Report used 11 variables in their research based on driver's licenses, car accident fatality, road quality statistics for each state and ratings of each state's driving and road safety laws.

The District of Columbia, better known as Washington, D.C. came in as the No. 1 state for teen drivers for having some of the strictest driving laws. Although Washington, D.C. is not actually a state, it's a federal district, which has its own distinct laws like banning text messaging for all drivers. D.C. also uses automated traffic cameras to discourage speeding. California came in second on the list, while Colorado, Maryland and Illinois rounded out the Top 5.
What's the point of this ranking? Car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths, so by showing pulling together driving safety information, the hope is that teens will be more aware of safety concerns as they hit the roads. The Top 10 Best States For Teen Drivers are listed below. Do you live in a high-ranking state? Where does your state fall on the full 50-state list? Find out at

Top 10 Best States For Teen Drivers

1. District of Columbia
2. California
3. Colorado
4. Maryland
5. Illinois
6. New Jersey
7. Oregon
8. Minnesota
9. Utah
10. Washington


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