Throw A Killer 'Glee' Premiere Party Even Lady Gaga Would Come To

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We are only a few hours away from a new episode of Glee, and the excitement would be killing us except for one little problem. We've already seen tonight's episode.

You see, we were one of the lucky Gleeks to score tickets to an advanced screening of the Spring premiere episode - we hit up the screening at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse last Tuesday where the glee club from Miner Elementary School in Washington, D.C. got the party started with a bunch of musical numbers. We won't give anything away about tonight's episode (and yes, we're going to watch it again), let's just say we were pretty accurate with our predictions earlier this month.

Oh, and if you're jealous that JSYK got to see the first episode a full week in advance, here's someone to be more jealous of. Rosie O'Donnell mentioned on her Sirius satellite radio show that she was actually sent the first three episodes and that (gasp) Kristen Chenoweth is returning in the third episode for a roller rink musical number!

So if you're eagerly awaiting the start of the show tonight, we have a couple ideas for how to make your very own Glee screening particularly gleeful.
Re-watch the sectionals episode
. One thing we will tell you about the new episode is that it jumps right into the action. A lot of things are revealed right at the beginning and by the end of the episode, a lot has already changed. So it wouldn't hurt to watch the last episode right before the new one starts. That is, if you can pry yourself away from Idol.

Glee-ify your iPod. If you haven't already, download some of your favorite crowd-pleasing Glee songs. We're thinking of 'Don't Stop Believn' and 'Somebody to Love' for starters. Because let's face it: if you can't jump around your living room with your friends acting crazy and singing at the top of your lungs tonight, when can you do that?

Whip up some Glee-inspired munchies. The Glee screening we attended pulled out all the stops and even had a special menu for the night with Puckcorn (popcorn), Finn Fries and a Glee Club Sandwich. Plus what party would be complete without some 'Don't Stop Believin' Desserts like a Figgins Float or a Schuester Sundae. BTW, we had the puckcorn.

Can you come up with any fun Glee side dishes of your own? And no, Cheerios don't count. Happy Glee-ing!



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