'Twilight' Cruise Sets Sail This Summer. Will It Be Cool Or Lame?

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But the experience will cost you. According to its website, prices start at $1300 per person (including taxes and the $150 registration fee), but that's only if two people are booked for the same room. Super fans can add a 3-night pre-cruise tour of Forks and Seattle, which starts at $499 per person. If Twi-fans go all in for the whole 10-day trip, it would cost $1800, at the very least.

So is the cruise worth it? It might be cool to hang out with Jodelle -- by then, Eclipse will have opened in theaters and Stephenie Meyer's new novella will have been out for two months, so fans can ask the actress for her perspective on Bree. But would you spend that much money to meet three actors from the film series and hang out with other Twi-hards for 7-10 days? You tell us.

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