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In case you haven't already heard, the School Gyrls are a new group you should definitely keep an eye (and an ear) on. The girls -- Amanda Moseley, Jacque Rae Pyles and Monica Parales -- have been making a name for themselves since the February debut of their Nickelodeon movie, and they recently stopped by our office to meet the JSYK staff and tell us all about the wild ride they've been on since forming the group.

While the girls are continuing to see tons of success from their debut, for now they're just enjoying being teens. And for the most part, their friends have been fine with their new fame.

"My friends are cool about it," Amanda told us. "They just kinda all want to jack Justin Bieber's number!"

Keep reading for more from their visit to JSYK, including which School Gyrl confesses to being klutzy in real life, and also watch their video for 'Something Like A Party.'

The trio has been fortunate to have the help of big name celebrities right from the start. Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy and Kristina DeBarge all make appearances in the movie, playing themselves. And leading the behind-the-scenes action is TeenNick chairman Nick Cannon who, in addition to directing, also wrote a song for the girls with his wife Mariah Carey.

Since all three School Gyrls cite Carey as a major influence, they were naturally pretty shocked the first time she showed up on set. "I just saw the big black tinted SUV, the door opened and I see her five-inch heel step out," Monica told us. "I was like, 'Do I say hi?'"

During their office visit, each of the School Gyrls told us about the characters they play in the film, who it turns out aren't so different from the girls themselves. Monica, who plays Mo Money, says she shares her characters love of fashion. "I love dressing up and curling my hair, I love jewelry," she shared. "The only difference is I don't try to be someone I'm not." Kudos, Monica!

Amanda Mosely, who goes by the stage name Mandy Rain, says that she and her character might as well be the same person. "My character in the movie is pretty much dead on," she told us. "She's bubbly and crazy and out there...and trips over stuff a lot and runs into things. That's pretty much who I am in real life!"

Jacque, who plays Jacque Nimble, shares her characters willingness to always stick up for herself, although she confesses that she is probably the most different from her onscreen persona. "She's the rebel...the one that doesn't really listen. She does what she wants and I'm the complete opposite," Jacque told JSYK. "I always listen to my mom!"

by Adam Horne


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