Teen Ink: My Struggle with Bulimia

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This powerful Teen Ink article by a girl from Clayton,Ca invites you into her teenage world where she distorts her own self image and struggles with Bulimia.

Sadly, the number of male and female teens suffering from eating disorders is on the rise. This article explains how the person suffering from the illness isn't always the only one who struggles.
You get to see exactly how the illness effects family members and friends too.

The best thing to do if you think you are someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder is to let someone like a parent, friend, teacher, or school counselor know about it and remember that there's always help.

Being supervised by my 13-year-old sister is weird. It's even weirder that she's watching me go to the bathroom. Well, okay, she's actually just waiting outside the stall. But I knew she would follow me, I knew she would wash her hands, and I knew she would linger. When I open the door, she's just standing there casually. "What are you doing?" I ask, even though I know.

"Just waiting for you."

"Oh, okay." And I'm not supposed to be mad, even though the situation is awkward and I can't get any privacy when I'm using the bathroom. Of course, this only happens when I go after lunch.

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