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Music is heard all over the world, but some listen to its beauty more than others.
Music comes in many different styles. Some of them include hip-hop, jazz, classical, rock, country and still more. Most people prefer hip-hop or rock, but most of the time when your listening to music the style depends on your mood.
If your sad the blues would suit you well. If your tired classical music can lull you to sleep, and when your feeling upbeat rock, or hip-hop, are good to sing along to.
Some favorite artists are Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lavoto, and many more.
My personal favorite is Taylor Swift, a country-rock artist. She has written so many song about growing up
,and how life can be tough, but it sends a good message that even when the going gets tough there's always tomorrow. Some of her songs even tell story's like The Best Day. This particular song is about her life, growing up,
and how when she was down her mother would come and take her somewhere, and make her feel better.
Its called The Best Day because she is thanking her mother for the best days of her life.

Music is my favorite pastime because it soothes me, and ,like the Taylor Swift, makes me feel
like I'm not alone when I have a fight with my friends, or I don't get what I want. It calms me down
when I'm mad, or sad. I listen to the radio alsmost everyday, and I listen for
new songs or ones that I havent heard before. Then I go look them up (if I like them) and I learn the lyrics,
so that the next time I hear the song I can sing along.


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