Puppy Problems

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Dogs are lots of fun, great companions, and they're adorable. Almost everyone loves them. The problem is some people might puchase or adopt a dog without fully understanding what dog owner ship means. Puppies are cute but even in the first year they can be pretty expensive and you have to think about the rest of your dogs life too. Your puppy will grow up and faster than you think. Before you know it your dog may be too big, too loud, or have too many health problems for you to keep it. Not everyone is ready for a dog. I'm not here to say that you shouldn't get one, just to make sure that you realize what it means to own one. Some things questions to answer before getting your first dog are. . .

1. Do I own a home? Might I be moving somewhere where the dog can't go?
2. Will I have enough time for a dog? You shouldn't leave your dog home alone for longer than 8 hours.
3. How big should my dog be? How much room do I have at home?
4. How will my other pets get along with this new dog?
5. How old do I want my dog to be? Old dogs are often already trained, spayed/neutered, and accustomed to people/other dogs, but they can also have health problems. Puppies are not usually trained or spayed/neutered, they may also have more destructive energy, especially if they are teething.
6. Can I afford a dog?

About that last question. Here is a list of costs you may find yourself paying in the first year with a puppy.

Adoption fee
Collar and leash
Food/Water dishes
Obedience classes

It may get expensive. If you still think you are ready for a dog then a useful site might be www.dogbreedinfo.com to research breeds and try and find your perfect dog. There are some exellent quizes to try and find a good breed to fit your lifestyle.

by Abby S.


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