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Man, the ipad is selling out quick!
But I'd MUCH rather have a laptop because, a laptop can hold alot more photos, it has alot of space on it, it has a webcam so you can video chat with friends and family (i love to video chat!!).
I mean i am not trying to say that you should'nt buy it I'm just giving my opinion, but do what you want.
I mean the Ipad is pretty cool!
Reasons you should get the Ipad it has a touch screen (i'm a sucker for touch screens!), it is a small laptop ( which makes it easy to put in your purse, or backpack) it's pretty much a bigger ipod touch, it has cool Apps, and you can download onthe ipod touch, or the iphone.
I would wait a little while before you buy it because there might be another improved i pad coming out.

I hope you take my advice

Your Future Blogger,



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