'The Lovely Bones' Puts the Spotlight on Shakespeare's 'Othello'

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The Lovely Bones is out on DVD, and now fans of the book can see Saoirse Ronan nail her role as 14-year-old Susie Salmon. Like other girls her age, Susie has a huge crush on her schoolmate, and in this clip from the film, we get to see their awkward-but-hopeful interaction.

Susie goes to her locker after film club, where the students just watched William Shakespeare's Othello. Ray Singh, her British crush, approaches her and asks her what she thought about the Moor. Although Susie made fun of the character before, she sees that Ray is a fan and calls the movie "amazing."

Ray is a dark-skinned boy, who refers to himself as the Moor from Shakespeare's play. He is even dressed in black in the movie. With Peter Jackson directing the film, this is no coincidence. Have you read Othello? Can you spot any other similarities?

Watch the full clip after the jump, and see how Saoirse captures the nervousness and excitement of talking to your first love. The Lovely Bones is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.




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