JV Cheerleaders Suspended for Urinating in Teammates' Soda

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A practical joke pulled by junior varsity cheerleaders at Saginaw High School in Fort Worth, TX doesn't have many people laughing.

Two members of the team received in-school suspensions after a prank that involved two of their fellow cheerleaders drinking a soda laced with a teammate's urine.

"You don't act like a team like that," says Kaleigh Smith, a former cheerleader on the team. "You don't do that to your teammates and you don't that to a friend – you don't do that anybody."

The prank happened at a basketball game last season, but the joke wasn't brought to the attention of school officials until a parent of one of the girls who drank the soda recently spoke up.
"If you're going do that and act that way in your cheerleading uniform, you should not be able to cheer," Kaleigh continues. However, the cheerleaders in question have not been removed from the team.