Timeline: How Did Bieber Fever Erupt Down Under?

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Monday, April 26 - 2 a.m.: Nearly 4,000 fans gather at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Word that the 16-year-old had arrived on the scene causes the crowd to break out into a frenzy, resulting in many injured and distressed concertgoers.

Approximately 3 a.m.: More than 100 people are pulled from the crowd, 10 suffer hyperventilation and/or fainted and, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, one person sustains a fractured knee.

6:00 a.m.: Sydney police call off the show for safety reasons. The 'Sunrise' morning show begins its three-hour broadcast at Seven headquarters at Martin Place.

6:12 a.m.: 'Sunrise' announces the cancellation of the Justin's concert on the air. Thousands of disappointed fans are still gathered at the site, screaming and crushing themselves, reporter Fifi Box says. "It's a real stampede down there."

8:10 a.m.:
Justin sits down for an interview at Seven headquarters. The crowd is shown in the background, screaming for the pop star. Authorities have agreed to let the singer perform one song. He says, "I was really looking forward to getting out and performing for so many people that drove such a long way to come see me, so I was really disappointed, but I definitely want to make it up for them and be able to sing on your show."

8:16 a.m.: Justin takes the stage indoors to sing 'Baby' for his Australian fans. Although the singer tweeted that he would not be performing behind protective glass on the Sunrise morning program, he ultimately does.

8:21 a.m.: Justin finishes up he appearance on 'Sunrise' and tells fans to head home. "Well, I guess the police say that you guys have to go home. I mean, I'd love for you to stay and hang out, but we gotta go, so we'll talk to you guys later. Thank you."

Check out Justin's Australian performance below. If you look in the background, you can get a glimpse of the crowd outside. What do you think about what happened?


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