Francia Raisa Gives Thumbs Up to End Texting and Driving

Pin It
Pin It and Sprint are teaming up to put a humorous spin on a serious situation with their new "Thumb Wars" campaign.

In a PSA, Community's Joel McHale and Ken Jeong encourage you to order "thumb socks" to prevent yourself from texting while driving. Seriously, you can really order these! The Secret Life of the American Teenager's Francia Raisa is seen rocking her thumb socks, too.

While lighthearted, the PSA does include very real and scary facts,such as car crashes are the leading killer of teens in America. About 18 teens die every day in a motor vehicle accident. Texting while driving makes you 4 times more likely to crash and yet 75% of teens admit to doing it! states on their site that "over 90% of teens admit to doing multiple tasks while driving, such as talking on the cell phone, eating, playing loud music, channel surfing, using mp3 players, and interacting with friends in the car even when they admit they find it distracting."

Go here to learn more about an upcoming contest to design a bumper sticker for the campaign.



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