Here's Something to Howl About. Jersey Town Says No Barking. Ever.

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Life's far from pawfect in Piscataway, New Jersey. Residents are facing fines if their dog is caught barking any time of the day.

Sounds pretty crazy, right? Most locals, like Anthony Brullo, agree. He tells CBS, "That's not fair at all. Dogs shouldn't be scrutinized for what? They're talking! Talking is their barking!"

After the town received approximately 400 animal noise complaints last year, Piscataway officials decided to extend an existing ordinance against incessant barking from 8 at night to 8 in the morning. Now, pooches aren't supposed to make too many peeps or there could be trouble for their owners.

Before an owner is issued a fine, Piscataway's public information officer says they'll first receive a letter to try and resolve the problem. Is this fair?
Should dogs have to wear a muzzle while they're going for a walk so they don't bark and disturb other neighbors? Or have officials gone too far to say canines can't speak in their own yards?



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