Teen Sends $4,000 Worth of Texts... Dad Smashes Phone

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When 13-year-old Dena Christoffersen's grades started to drop from A's to B's to F's in two months, her parents suspected something. When their Verizon phone bill arrived, they found out exactly what was up.

Dena sent and received about 10,000 text messages that month, which means she was sending about 300 text messages a day -- mostly during school hours.

We see why her grades were slipping, but how did she hide texting so much from her teachers?

Besides suffering academically, the Wyoming teen's text habit came with a huge price tag. Her parents, who thought they had disabled texting and didn't have a plan for it, were slapped with a $4,756.25 bill. That's when Dena's dad Gregg took her phone away for good -- he smashed it to pieces with a hammer.
"It just hit us like a rock, like you're stepping into a bus," Gregg says. Luckily Verizon is working with them to reduce the charge, and as for Dena? Well besides being grounded until summer arrives, her grades are going back up now that she's not so distracted by her phone. Her parents are also asking school officials to get more serious about students texting during school hours.



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