Exclusive Song Premiere: Evan Taubenfeld, 'Pumpkin Pie'

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Evan Taubenfeld is a singer-songwriter with many credits under his belt, but next month, the 26-year-old musician will be releasing his own debut solo album, 'Welcome to the Blacklist Club.'

Evan is best known for being a former member of Avril Lavigne's band, but later carved out a career writing songs for the likes of Tyga and The Pack. Last December, Evan penned a holiday song about Taylor Swift called 'Merry Swiftmas (Even Though I Celebrate Chanukah),' which he sent to the Grammy-nominated singer via Twitter. Taylor retweeted the link and made Evan an instant Internet sensation.

Now the Baltimore native is showcasing more of his pop talent on his first single, 'Pumpkin Pie.' "Pumpkin Pie is my little story about how avoiding commitment and trying to be a player only lead to disaster and non-stop trouble," Evan tells JSYK. "I'm really just hopeless romantic who wants to fall in love and go to sleep with the same girl every night, hence the epiphany..."

Listen to Evan's brand-new single after the jump. 'Welcome to the Blacklist Club,' featuring 'Pumpkin Pie,' will be available on iTunes on May 18.
'Pumpkin Pie' by Evan Taubenfeld


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