Amber Riley Is 'Beautiful'

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"Big girls are sexy too, and don't let them tell u any different! I'm representin!!! ;)" Amber Riley proudly tweeted last week and then posted this photo of herself at from this year's TV Land Awards.

Darn straight, girl!
On last week's Glee episode, Amber brought that same self-confidence to her character when the Cheerios', psycho-yet-hilarious coach Sue Sylvester pushed Kurt and Mercedes to lose some weight.

Mercedes was told she had one week to either drop ten pounds or get kicked off the team. This lead to a seriously unhealthy crash diet that ultimately caused M to pass out in school. With a little help from Quinn, Mercedes realizes how beautiful she already is. Then, in our opinion, Amber gave her best performance yet with Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful' and encouraged her classmates to stop stressing about having too many pimples and not enough friends.

This seriously resonated with both Glee's audience, who made Mercedes a trending topic, and Amber, too. She tweeted, "I hope all of you know how Beautiful u r!"
Listen to Amber's jaw-dropping cover of "Beautiful."


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