Exclusive: Carly Patterson Visits JSYK

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Carly Patterson is an Olympic gold medalist, and now she's set her sights on winning over the music world. The singer, best known for being the all-around gymnastics champ at the 2004 Summer Olympics, stopped by JSYK's headquarters recently to chat about her new tunes and her natural transition from athlete to artist.

"One of my favorite things about gymnastics was competition because no one ever saw all the hard work you did behind it, the training seven hours a day," Carly told JSYK. "So it's cool [to perform now], because I kind of lost that feeling for a while after I stopped gymnastics and was not competing anymore. To be able to be on stage and still perform for people, I do get that same feeling. I kind of crave it."

Another thing that hasn't changed for Carly, who says she's been singing since she was little, is her love of music. "Growing up, it's funny, because I was actually only allowed to listen to Christian stations," Carly explained. "My dad was kind of one of those dads. I didn't really get to start listening to other kinds of music or branch out from that genre until I was just in the gym every day and we'd have Top 40 radio station playing."

Carly revealed that her Olympic go-to CD was Ashlee Simpson's first album, and she now loves Coldplay, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Paramore and Taylor Swift. With the release of her own album, she's eager " to open up for anyone and just be able to play my songs and get it out there for people."


Carly also told us that having single, 'Here I Am,' featured on the second season of Make It or Break It, was a HUGE thrill.

"This is probably one of my favorite songs that I've ever written, just because I wrote it about my gymnastics and Olympic journey," Carly said of the song. "It's kind of all my feelings and experiences rolled into one song." Check out Carly's 'Here I Am' below.

Listen to 'Here I Am'


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