Teen Ink: 'Dyslexia'

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How many times have you raised your hand in class to answer a question and have given the wrong answer? Or how about when you get picked to read out loud and you can't pronounce a word? Did you feel completely embarrassed?

Imagine being called on by your teacher and the letters of the words you're supposed to read look smashed together, upside down, and unreadable.

Today's Teen Ink article is about Chelsea N. from Pittsburgh,Pa who suffers from Dyslexia. Her story follows what she goes through daily with Dyslexia and how she hopes to gain more recognition about the disorder.

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According to KidsHealth, writing that looks just fine to you might look like this to someone who has Dyslexia:

Thew ord sare n otsp aced cor rect ly. We spell wrds xatle az tha snd to us.


I am dyslexic. This has significantly affected my life. I had to go to tutoring after a full school day. The tutoring was 35 minutes from my house, which to me was a long way. I feel that schools should provide these special services during school hours.

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