See Girl's Home Made From Mud, Straw, Tires on MTV's 'Teen Cribs'

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Camera crews for MTV's Teen Cribs are used to seeing homes filled with glitz and glam, but one constructed with cans, bottles, mud, straw, tires, and other recyclable materials? That's exactly what they found when they visited 16-year-old Catlyn Harrier's house.

Called the Earthship, the high school sophomore's Ohio home will be featured May 6 on MTV. Filming only took a day and Catlyn, who ironically doesn't have a television in her home, called the experience tiresome, but great.

"I had to repeat myself a lot," she reveals. "That was my first real experience around cameras. I was surprised how easy it went. I thought it would be a lot harder. I found I perform better in front of cameras than I do in front of people."
Catlyn's hoping that her super eco-friendly casa will get across the message to other teens that "material ownership is not something that should define culture." Since she doesn't have a TV, a nervous and excited Catlyn will be watching from a friend's house when the show airs.

"I hope people learn that even though I live in a weird house that's different, I'm just a normal teenager."



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