Has 'Twilight' Inspired the Most Popular Baby Names?

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It seems like Twi-hards are taking their fandom to a whole new level. According to the Social Security Administration, Isabella is the new top baby name for girls, while Jacob holds its reign as the most popular baby name for boys.

In 2008, Emma was the top name choice, but just one year later, Isabella took over as the No. 1 name for baby girls. Of course, Bella is a nickname for Isabella. While there's no concrete evidence that Twilight had an affect on this ranking, the movie was released at the end of 2008, which is when Twilight mania was in full force.
"Anything can influence baby names, from pop culture to literature, to music and celebrities," said Jennifer Moss, founder of Babynames.com, told the Washington Times.

Stephenie Meyer's vampire series could have kept Jacob at the top of the list in 2009, but since the name has been the No. 1 choice for baby boys for the past 11 years, it's hard to say for sure. Isabella has also been a favorite choice for six years -- the name has been in the top 10 since 2004.

While Edward only moved up 11 spots to No. 137, one very recognizable name shot up on the list in 2009. Cullen made a huge jump up in the ranks of boys' names, rising 297 spots to No. 485. Now, that can't be a coincidence.



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