Teen Blindfolds Friend for Surprise Party...Cops Think It's A Kidnapping

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Talk about a misunderstanding.

Florida teen Courtney Rogers was in charge of driving her friend Briana Vega to her surprise party, but Courtney didn't realize that a huge shock was coming for her, too.

Courtney was running late so she decided to pull into a restaurant's parking lot to blindfold her friend. What she didn't realize was that customers inside the restaurant were watching her and called police because they thought Brianna was being kidnapped.

After police arrived minutes later, Briana says, "They were like, 'Have you ever had a gun pointed at your face?' I was like, 'No, I haven't,' and he was like, 'Well that could have happened today. We could have had you on the hot pavement down on the ground with guns to your heads.'"
Sounds like intense language for a misunderstanding, especially considering that Briana would have been the victim if this was a real kidnapping. Both girls were handcuffed for 20 minutes and ultimately charged with disturbing the peace.The families of Courtney and Briana are complaining that the cops acted excessively. Do you agree?



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