Peep The 'Glee Season One' DVD Cover!

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Good news, Gleeks. The complete first season of Glee is hitting stores on September 14th. True, you'll have to wait all summer after the new episodes end on June 8th, but we have a feeling the seven-disc DVD set will be worth the wait.

Suh-even discs, people!! There are 1,045 minutes of Glee goodness. The bad news in all of this... the $69.99 price tag. Especially hard to swallow if you already have the first Glee DVD. But have no fear, in addition to having all 22 episodes, there are new bonus features too. And they're good ones.

Of course, there are the de rigueur bonus features including extended episodes and behind-the-scenes videos (this one is of the Madonna episode), but a couple of the DVD's promised features caught our eye.

Sing-along karaoke - Please let this have the mashups. Please. We would also like to sing Kurt's version of 'Rose's Turn' in our living room. Yes, we really would.

Glee Makeovers - We actually have no idea what this is, but sounds good, doesn't it?

Never-before-seen "Sue's Corners" - We'll take 'em!

Dance tutorial "Staying in Step with Glee" - Um, how about "Staying In Step With AWESOME?"
All we can say is that there'd better be one on Stacy's desk soon!

Read even more about the release of 'Glee Season One' on DVD over at TV Squad and don't forget to follow JSYK on Twitter for the latest Glee scoop.


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