Summit Releases Four New 'Eclipse' Character Posters

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Summit Entertainment has released four new Eclipse posters, including individual banners for Bella, The Volturi, Riley. There's also a new poster, which shows Bella, Edward and Jacob from a new angle.

Earlier this month, we talked about how the first Eclipse poster was kind of lackluster, and looked just like the Twilight and New Moon ones. Well, it seems like Summit heard our pleas.

In the new character series, Bella is featured up front and center, just like she should be. With her contemplative stare and crossed arms, we feel her pain. She's got a tough decision to make!

The character posters also include shots of The Volturi and newborn vampire Riley. While we love the play on good vs. evil with this new set of banners, it's very interesting how Riley gets his own poster, but Victoria does not. Could execs be trying to downplay the fact that her character, originally played by Rachelle Lefevre, was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard?

We're also super excited to finally see a close-up of Bella, Edward and Jacob. The shot shows the trio against a cloudy background, and from this particular angle, it makes fans feel like they're looking up to the three characters. Bella looks like a classic beauty, and Edward remains stern. We're happy to see Jacob's hard brow lighten up a bit in this banner, too. His last three posters showed him with an all-too grumpy stare.

So, thanks for hearing us out, Summit. We're loving these bold character posters and can't wait for Eclipse to come out on June 30. What do you guys think of the four new shots?



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