Teen Climber Jordan Romero Reaches Top of Mount Everest

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Jordan Romero,
a 13-year-old California boy, achieved his goal of becoming the youngest person ever to climb Mt. Everest within days.

Traveling with his stepmom and dad, Jordan's finished his trip to the world's highest mountain peak this weekend. "I'm more stoked than nervous," he said beforehand. "I'm feeling really good. Breathing isn't too hard up here, but I'm definitely moving a little slower."

A lot of people -- including his mom -- worried about him tackling such a dangerous feat. The last person who reached the mountain's summit was 16 and lost five fingers due to frostbite.

"Nobody is saying that I'm too young up here at base camp," Jordan explains referencing critics who said he shouldn't climb Everest because he's 13. "Age has nothing to do with it as long as I'm strong and experienced, and I am. I've climbed mountains all over the world. I'm ready for this."

Unbelievable. Way to go, Jordan!!


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