Virtual Driving Game 'Distractology 101' Shows How Easy It Is To Crash While Texting

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Over 500,000 accidents each year are caused by distracted drivers. That's a huge number for something that's preventable, so The Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation, Inc. created Distractology 101, a crash course -- no pun intended -- in the dangers of driving while distracted.

This program is highly interactive so it's not a message filled with only stats (although, yikes, driving while being distracted by your phone or other things is the same as driving with a blood alcohol level of .08).

The course consists of two-parts, a simulator and online training. As part of your training, you can drive a car just like playing a video game, but you'll be asked to read texts. This hits home the reality that it only takes a few distracted seconds to cause an accident.

There's even a Distractology 101 Video Challenge on their site that – we admit – we lost. Click here to play yourself and, if you live in Massachusetts, see if the Distractology 101 tour is coming near you.
Familiar with a textident? Check out its definition, as well as other new texting while driving related vocab:

Textident – A collision caused by someone who's too busy with their phone to drive safely.

Sender Bender – A collision caused by a text message sent three seconds before impact.

Snackcident – A crunch, crack, or smash caused by juggling fries, shakes, drinks, and burgers while driving.

Smerge – A lethal combination of swerving and merging while driving, usually caused by being distracted.

Crash text dummy – Someone who is just asking for an accident by doing too many things behind the wheel.


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