So Adorable! Get Your Free Puppy Hugs

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Who needs a puppy cam when you can enjoy the real deal?

In Palmetto, FL, the public is invited to the Southeastern Guide Dogs campus -- a school that trains dogs to aid the visually impaired -- to cuddle and play with their six to nine week old puppies.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Patsy French, development director for the school, says that the purpose of their puppy hugging program "is to socialize the puppies and to expose them to as many different people and voices [as possible]."

Five days a week, people can gather at 9 a.m. to pet and play with 25 to 30 puppies.

"It's wonderful for (them) to meet all these people, to have contact with big people and little people, and people with soft voices and loud voices, people of various ages," Patsy explains. "Our goal is to create as many interaction opportunities as possible."
Of course, people benefit from puppy hugging, too. It'd be practically impossible to leave this place in a grumpy mood.



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