Barefoot Bandit: What Happens When You Don't Wear Socks

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See what happens when you don't wear socks! You become like 19 -year-old Colton Harris-Moore and start committing numerous, dangerous crimes for years.

Just kidding. But this is really a true story!

The "Barefoot Bandit" has been on the run for two years now after he escaped a detention center in April 2008. He's known to have had a troublesome childhood and upbringing. Recently he's been pretty fearless and has robbed and stolen stuff from many people. He's thought to have taken numerous boats and airplanes from properties all over the Pacific Northwest. But here's the kicker, Colton has been known to perform these illegal duties...with no shoes on. Yep, we said it, the kid commits these crimes barefoot.

Authorities think that the reason he commits the crimes without any socks or shoes on is because he wants to disguise his footprint.

Is this completely brilliant or really dumb for him to do?

Well if you look at the numbers, you can see that a majority of young people seem to think the kid is a hero. For example, Colton Harris-Moore has over 30,000 friends on Facebook! Justin Bieber has over four million friends...buuuut 30,000 isn't too shabby for a criminal. Can you believe that most of the Barefoot Bandit's Facebook friends are cheering him on by leaving numerous messages of encouragement?
"FLY BABY FLY!" is what one of Colton's Facebook friends recently posted on his wall.

Another one said, " if you ever pass through Albuquerque hit me up man!"

So now these people want him to stay at their house? That's kind of creepy. The guy is a thief people!

Going against the Barefoot Bandit Facebook page, there are now blogs and sites out there that are trying to lead to the capture of Colton simply because their town is being terrorized by him.

"Colton Harris-Moore fan sites offer nothing for 95% of people in these communities, for people who do not celebrate crimes against their neighbors, friends, and family," says "Catch The Barefoot Bandit" blog founder David Peters. "Catch The Barefoot Bandit gives that 95% a louder voice. Communities have been using ridicule and humor to shut down criminals and their misguided 'supporters' for centuries."

He does have a point. Is it really that cool to cheer on someone breaking the law?

Has it come down to the fact that teenagers somewhat idolize what seems to be the wrong types of people? There's bad influential teen celebs but idolizing real-life criminals has been unheard of for the most part. Is the huge number of Facebook fans on Colton's page, telling him to "hit them up" and "keep on going," alarming and something we should worry about?

Either way, the love for the bandit is out there. Whether it's right or wrong, it's amazing how much social media has influenced this specific issue. Do you think he'll get caught soon? Are you going to add him on Facebook?


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