China Forces High School Students to Study Hard

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Officials in one part of China are making sure students take studying for their college entrance exam seriously. To prevent any distractions from hitting the books, Internet cafés have been temporarily closed.

"During this critical period, our goal is to create an educational society for students that is free of distractions," explains an official from Linchuan in China's central province of Jiangxi. "Besides Internet cafes, there's not much else in town the kids can waste time with."

This exam is a huge deal -- in fact, it's the only thing that determines whether a student will continue with school or start looking for a job. Approximately 9.5 million students will take the two-day exam that covers a range of subjects, but only about 25 percent will get into a university.

Hello, pressure!
Recognizing the massive stress this puts on students, China announced earlier this year that they may introduce other factors, such as leadership ability and volunteering, to help determine university admissions.

Is it fair to shut down these Internet cafes? What about the other students who use them but aren't taking this exam?


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