Harvey's a Huge Fan of Socks

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So ABC Family is coming out with a new show called 'Huge' on June 28th and one of the main characters in the show is Alistar, who is played Harvey Guillen. We already think Harvey is awesome because he's going to be on the show but he's even more awesome today because he has an appreciation for....RAD SOCKS!

Check out the ones he's wearing above. How cool are they?

"My favorite kind of sock is a combination between tube socks and knee socks," he told us.

We obviously could tell that he was a sock lover and he just looks like a humorous guy so we were curious if he had any funny sock stories. He told us that his funny sock story occurred in Japan when he went to visit a friend that was performing in a musical. He told his friend that he liked the socks they wore in the musical and that he would like to get a pair of them for himself. The next day his friend handed him a bag with the socks in it...

"Little did I know that he just took an extra pair," said Harvey. Oh no!

He continued by telling us that after he found out that his friend gave him basically stolen socks he went to the person in charge of wardrobe and told her that he had the stolen socks on.

"After explaining the story she laughed and even gave me an extra pair...yay for honesty!"

Socks rock and so does Harvey! We can't wait to see the show!


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