Teen Ink: 'On Socks'

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This article, awesomely named 'On Socks,' was anonymously submitted to Teen Ink. The author shouldn't be so shy, their work is really, really good!

"This is beyond amazing. I love it soo much." says Davina K., a Teen Ink commenter of the writing.

We totally agree. We also couldn't help but love this rainbow sock photo that was submitted anonymously too. It fits so perfectly with the story below.

"Yesterday, I was a girl with two white socks and no self-esteem. I was the girl who wrote in secret, dreamed of tomorrow, and obsessively chased Perfection. Never second best, I pushed too hard to be a top student, a musical prodigy, a prima ballerina.

Which brings me to - what is perfect? As quickly as white socks faded to pink tights, I was faced with a new obsession: The Perfect Body. With every skipped meal and misplaced pound, I jumped higher and glided smoother..."

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